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Reset Your FCC CORES Password


If you are Registered (have a FRN) but do not know your FCC CORES / ULS License Record Password you can reset your password on line.

a.) If you have established a Personal Security Question (PSQ) and Answer, then you may use the online password reset feature to create a new password for your FRN. Go to the FCC’s Support page and click Forgot Your Password?.

b.) If you have NOT established a Personal Security Question (PSQ) and Answer (most amateurs have not) go to the FCC’s Support page and click Set Personal Security Question (PSQ). In this is screen, fill in all the required fields (including FRN and Social Security Number). At the bottom of the page, fill out your personal security question information. Click on the certify box (check mark will populate box) then click "submit." The FCC will provide you with a tracking number that consists of the letters HD and 13 digits. Make note of this number. You will receive an e-mail from the FCC when your FRN registration has been updated with your PSQ. Go back to the password web page and continue the process with an established PSQ and Answer (see item a.) and no FCC Cores password.

Need an FRN?  Create an FCC account and Register with the FCC

Not sure if you have an FRN?  Check your License to determine if it's been assigned an FRN.

If you need immediate assistance, call FCC Technical Support / FRN Help line, where support for passwords and reset requests is provided.

FRN Help Line: 877-480-3201 (Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-6 PM ET)

The FCC FRN Help desk has a dedicated staff of customer service representatives standing by to answer your questions or concerns.

You can also email the FRN Help desk at with your questions and concerns.

You must be registered in CORES before you can file in the FCC ULS License Manager System.